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Bienvenue! Welcome to French Rêve!

Online Tuition of French Language and Culture.

Learn French Online. Private Tutor French Lessons. BYO Group French Classes. Sydney, NSW. Australia.

Make your French dream a reality from the comfort of your home or office!

I had a dream... J'ai fait un rêve... I dreamt of travelling the world, embracing different languages and cultures, and sharing my passion for my own language and culture. My dream came true.

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Aurelie Doizelet. I am French, from Nice on the French Riviera in France.
I teach French and I simply LOVE it !

As a native French speaker, and a fully qualified and experienced French teacher, I have been able to help thousands of students (adults, corporates, University and secondary school students) and hundreds of fellow language teachers, in France, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand in a career spanning over 15 years of teaching, managing and professionally training language teachers. You may read testimonials here.

I would love to help you fulfil your “French Rêve”, whether it is just for fun, a New Year’s Resolution, for academic purpose or for professional development. Learn French Online and Discover French Culture with French Rêve.

Please check my Linkedin profile for more information: LinkedIn Profile – Aurelie Doizelet

French Reve

Reasons why you can trust me as your learning path guide:


  • Qualified in Science of Language at a Master degree level from a French University, I am fully trained to assist students integrate and proficiently use a second language with a personal method (developed and perfected over the years), an immersive approach, cognitive tools and learning strategies, all based on the latest research;

Accredited Examiner

  • Officially accredited DELF DALF examiner-corrector, and TCF examiner, with over 12 years of experience in assessing candidates, and preparing students for their exams; 


  • With extensive experience in teaching French, managing Education teams and professionally training French teachers (including for Alliance Française in Australia), I can bring genuine expertise and knowledge to your own learning progression;

Teaching Methodology

  • Specialised in the use of technology (ICT) in language learning, and having facilitated online French courses and professional training for over 5 years (long before Covid), I have mastered the essential techniques to make your online learning a unique, stimulating and enjoyable journey;

Passion for Language and Culture

  • With true passion for my language and culture, I teach French lessons using a blend of culture and language enhancement activities to accelerate the integration of communication skills, vocabulary and grammar structures while progressively building up confidence and fluency.

One-to-One or Group Private Tuition

Online Private Tuition and BYO Group Lessons

Whether your dream is personal, academic or professional, French Reve offers tuition for learners of all native languages. We will guide and motivate you to learn French online and reach your objectives, at any level, regardless of your starting point.
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Levels A1 Beginners to C2 Proficiency

Rich digital content and immersive techniques are used to achieve natural language processing. Our learning French programs follow the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR / CEFRL)
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Examination and Official Certifications

Based on the French HSC Syllabus, the French IB programme, and the CEFRL / CECR for DELF DALF and TCF, our tailored academic French courses strive to prepare high school secondary students (Years 9 to 12) for their final French exams, University students for their degrees, and adult candidates for their official tests and diplomas.
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Discovering French Language and Culture

Whether your interest is gastronomy, cinema, music, tourism, travel, literature, history, etc., we offer French classes tailored to your needs. From time to time we host and deliver French workshops focusing on language components, cultural discovery, and French for travellers.

Learning French - Student Testimonials

Jenni M. of Sydney, NSW, Australia


Aurelie is an excellent teacher – the complete package – an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher with a vast knowledge of French culture and current affairs. She has an extensive range of tuition styles and techniques to constantly engage students, extend your ability to speak, read and write as needed in French.

Aurelie is nothing short of a dynamo and has proved herself to be very capable teaching people of all ages and ability. She began teaching my daughters when they were 8 and 10 in Sydney before we went to live in France for six months. She tutored them as HSC students and then as university students (though not studying uni French) assisting them to pass the B2 and C1 exams which enabled them to study at university level in french in France. She has worked out how to make it fun for young people and to motivate them to do their very best. My youngest often said “I have to study – Aurelie puts so much into our lessons I cant let her down”.

As an adult learner I find her in person and online teaching format and tools inspiring and particularly conducive to learning. She knows how to make a class interesting, keeping you constantly engaged particularly through material relating to your personal interests. She also provides a vast amount of material for after class study.

Our family has benefited enormously from Aurelie’s tuition and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I cant imagine you could find a better teacher!

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Tara M. of Canberra, ACT, Australia

University Student

Aurelie has been teaching me French for 13 years now, and is easily the best teacher I’ve ever had. Not only is she incredibly enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable about French language and culture, but she is deeply invested in my success in French.

Aurelie tutored me for HSC French Continuers and ultimately helped me achieve a mark of 96. I enjoyed her classes so much that I continued them at university to prepare for the DELF B2.

Aurelie has a wonderful ability to make the French language accessible and breaks down complex French grammar into memorable, bite-sized pieces of information. She is patient and encouraging. She prepares rigorously for each class, which are well structured and skillfully tailored to my interests.

Aurelie knows both the HSC and DELF exams inside-out, and replicated the assessment format throughout our classes (i.e. structured the class by speaking, listening and writing sections). She gave me constructive feedback and targeted classes to the areas I struggled with.

Aurelie doesn’t just want me to succeed in French, she wants to ensure I enjoy class and share her passion for French language and culture. Her classes are always fun, with laughter and good conversation, but she prepared me thoroughly for the exams.

I feel very lucky to know Aurelie and I cannot recommend her more highly!

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Share your objectives with us...

What is Your French Rêve?

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Family, culture, travel, self-development, new adventures

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School achievement, diploma, official certifications (DELF, DALF, TCF, HSC, VCE, IB)

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Professional development, training, international business, expat project

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Learning skills, resources, learning materials

For more information on French course tuition options tailored to your learning objectives, please ask me for a free online trial with no obligation or commitment required (10-15min level assessment on Zoom).

Looking forward to speaking with you !

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